<aside> 💡 Q-munity Academy is a training platform for individuals to gain skills to enter the quantum workforce.


What We Do

Q-munity Academy is a platform consisting of professor-led online courses designed for students interested in learning more about quantum computing. This includes quantum programming, mechanics/physics, applications, algorithms etc.

The goal is for students to feel more engaged with direct communication and support provided by professors with office hours to answer questions, graded homework assignments, general written feedback for the students, etc. Since we also have students coming in internationally, this will also give them the chance to take a course asynchronously and have professor support without time difference barriers.

Our Approach

1. Asynchronous Learning

One of the principal advantages of asynchronous online learning is that it offers more flexibility, allowing learners to set their own schedule. Since there is no finite time frame, the learner follows their own schedule and can move at the pace that is best suited to their learning needs. Students from different time zones can access the same course content and collaborate with people they otherwise wouldn't have.

Our instructors will record weekly lectures and create assignments that will be assigned on a week-by-week basis. The students will view the lectures and assignments on their personal learning portal.

2. Mentorship

A common drawback of online courses is the lack of mentorship. Students frequently don't have a more experienced individual providing constant feedback or assisting in questions.

Our course allows students to submit projects and labs to their designated instructor. The instructor is able to provide feedback through the platform and through synchronous office hours.

3. Community

Your quantum journey begins and ends with the people by your side. Students frequently become unmotivated due to the lack of community and collaboration in their learning journey.

Although our program are virtual, students will have access to private messages, a designated Discord server, and group discussion forums. Each of these tools ensures that the student is able to find other students to support them.

The Platform

We've created a state-of-the-art training platform for students. Students are able to access their course material and complete assignments in our web portal. They also can engage in group forums and PM their instructor. The platform has a built-in classroom for synchronous office hours.


Get Involved

The cost of a course on Q-munity Academy is $275. This allows us to pay our instructors and uphold our platform.

However, several students don't have the funds for this course. We've created an aid fund to allow sponsors to donate money that would be used to provide scholarships for students.

To donate scholarships, please contact [email protected]